Brief History of the Band

Baalbek Beginning
In October, 1994 the band debuted in the city of La Plata (Argentina) as FATA MORGANA. The Fata Morgana is named after the fairy Morgan, who appears in some of the Arthurian legends as King Arthur's sister, and as a pupil to Merlin the magician and scorcerer. The fairy Morgan is credited with the power of creating castles out of air, as well as falling to the dark side of magic. Name with roots in the fairy Morgana of the Celtic legends.After almost two years of preparing material, the initial band formation consisted of a trio with Gonzalo Romero on guitar and keyboards, Fabián Vera on bass and Pablo Gonzalez on drums. But the band eventually became a quartet with the addition of Pablo Clavijo on keyboards and saxophones.In 1995, the band renamed as  BAALBEK. By the middle 1998, Pablo Clavijo is replaced on keyboards by Eduardo Gustavino, and from October 2000 until march 2002, Andrés Field temporarily replaces Pablo Gonzalez on drums. Pablo Gonzalez returns and hence the currrent band formation. At the end 1999, they begin to record their first CD FATA MORGANA, learning and perfecting the use of digital recording software on conventional PCs. After many years of performances in their native city of La Plata, they were invited to play an open air concert in the city of Junin, where the participants inclued bands from all over the province of Bs. As. Of all concerts, the most important performance was in 1999 in the capital city of Buenos Aires, at the festival BUENOS AIRES PROG 99  held at the ACATRAZ auditorium. Baalbek played in a lineup that included the Argentinean groups Assemble of Guitars of Buenos Aires, 2112 Tempus Fugit, and the Swedish group Anekdoten. This festival was the first one of its size in Argentina, rivaling international prog music festivals in scale. PROGRESSION from England, METAMUSICA from Brazil, and MELLOTRON from Argentina. Baalbek's success earned them an invitation to play at the  RIO ART ROCK 2000 festival in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; alongside the likes of the prestigious and internationally acclaimed british group  CAMEL. Regretfully, Baalbek had to pull out due to a last minute personnel change. Baalbek carried out the official presentation of its first CD FATA MORGANA , on Saturday, April 7, 2001, at the Costamagna Hall in the Cultural Center La Plata, Argentina.

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